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How escorts choose their clients

Contrary to popular belief, professional escorts do not settle for any man that approaches them. They are respected individuals who treat their work with dedication and invest enough money into their appearance and well-being to just waste their time with clients who do not respect them.

The first thing that they look for when clients contact them is maturity. A good client knows that he is about to pay for company, and that at the end of the day he cannot ask for emotional payback, or a form of relationship that exceeds the terms of their business. Men who fail to understand this rarely get a second chance from the same escort.

Another form of respect that women in the adult industry look for in a man is his cleanliness and how well-groomed he is. They will not risk their health for the money, nor will they make any compromises to those who find cheap excuses for the bad shape they present themselves in.

Adult business is still business and nobody in this industry likes to haggle. Escorts price themselves high on the ladder of professionalism and will quickly erase the chances of any client who feels like he can get a better price with negotiating schemes.

A good client is one that understands his companion’s choice for that line of work. He will not push the boundaries, nor will he have a judgmental attitude towards her. An escort hates nothing more than a customer with bad manners and a total disregard for her safety and comfort.

As it is the case in other similar professions, an escort highly values discretion. She will not socialize with her clients outside their official, paid-for meetings, and more than often she will ignore those who try to salute her in public. Her reputation and success are always on the line; therefore, an escort will always be very pretentious when selecting her clients.